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I worked for many years using oil paints and acrylics in a figurative style, but more recently have been focusing on oil and cold wax in pure abstraction after a pre-pandemic workshop in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.


I draw inspiration from the creation process itself involved in this new style; paint moves in a very different way when you employ the tools used in this medium: squeegees, palette knives, and brayers. Painting with oil and cold wax is very different from using any other medium in that the final piece results from a reductive process that reveals small glimpses of underlying layers- it's truly ephemeral, always malleable. I am inspired by this process of discovery and find that the final piece always reveals itself over time. 

I am very fortunate to have found a talented framer in my husband, therefore, all of my pieces are beautifully framed in a variety of woods. 


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